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About White Audio Designs.

The name currently refers to my desire to have my own audio design and consulting business. However, even though it's not my full-time work, I end up filling much of my free time mixing, designing, and troubleshooting.

My musical skills involve playing French horn at the college level, at one time I was Principal horn in both the university Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. I also have a minor in Music Performance (though I'm only about 9 credit hours away from a full B.M.).

I started audio stuff when I got to college, my decision to be an E.E. was partially related to my audio activities. To date I've mixed several significant events in the Lincoln area. Though I didn't try to be an audio tech, my engineering training and musical ear have lent well to repairing and designing audio gear. My repair and upgrade experience has been opposite of what is (probably) typical: I started with the base E.E. skills and learned to repair consoles and other gear by reverse engineering the schematics. My ability is not from a massive amount of experience like many techs, it's from knowing good engineering design and troubleshooting and applying that to gear that comes my way.

Enough of me, see the main page for the rest.

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