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UPDATE: (2006/10/14) I released an update to pyspice just a few days ago on opencollector.org and freshmeat.net. See the project page for the updates and other fun stuff. On a side note, the passive summer project has slowed, but only because it's being improved over the original design. It will now include a _nice_ headphone amp and monitoring, making it useful for critical stereo recording in the field.

UPDATE: (2006/07/20) I'm finishing up a passive summing device for DAW mixing 'out of the box.' It has 16 line inputs and stereo output. A preamp (of your choice for color) is needed to regain the 36 db level loss. This thing doesn't have a power cord, it is completely passive. Inputs are switchable to left, right, or both; a version that can actually pan is in the works also.

Products? What products? You want it, I make it is how I operate at the present. School takes too much time currently to develop "commercial" products.

However, here are some projects (in semi-reverse chronological order):

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