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The ezFPGA Dev-Board was spec'ed, designed, and built for the UNL undergraduate labs. At the time, the only programmable hardware available for teaching was the Freescale MC68HC12 and Basic Stamp 2. Helping with the process of updating the laboratory classes made the need for more powerful and versatile hardware apparent.

This board accepts Dallas Logic's ezFPGA board which holds an Altera Cyclone -3 FPGA. It provides additional functions such as:

  • 8-bit Analog to Digital converter.
  • 8-bit Digital-to-Analog converter.
  • 2, 7+1-segment displays.
  • 4 pushbuttons / LEDs.
  • 34 I/O pins on headers.
  • Solderless breadboard for small external circuits.
  • Power and I/O protection.
  • Idiot protection
    • Current limiting on all accessible IO's
    • Reverse power protection
    • Female IO headers (they're more difficult to short together...)
    • Over-voltage protection on ADC
    • Current limiting on DAC outputs

ezfpga EVB CAD screenshot

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